Signing on to website

Click the "login" link at the top left. A login box should slide down from the top. Enter your User ID and Password and click "Sign In" button. You will be redirected to your home page

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link.

Changing Password

Click on "My Account" link at the top center. A box should slide down from the top. Click Change Password. Enter the Old Password and then enter the new Password twice, once in new password and once in confirm new password textbox. To cancel the change password action, click the Home button.

Signing out

Click on "Logout" button at top left any time you want to sign off from the website.

Viewing Item details

Hovering over an item number usually pops up a window with details of the item. The popup disappears when you hover out of the window. To keep the popup in view, position the cursor somewhere on the popup window.

Home Page

To view the home page at any time, click the Home tab on the menu or on any item in the top level menu. The home page displays.

Searching the catalog

The Advance Search link located on the top right of the web page provides the option to search the catalog by style, color code, color description, size and GTIN. A basic search can be performed via the search text box where the style number is entered and press search button (Magnifying glass) triggers the search.


There are four (4) ways to enter orders in GOAL:

. Manually entering the orders in the grid by quantity and Unit of measure
. Upload via Microsoft Excel
. Using the Order Pad
. Using the My List option

My List functionality

The list functionality may be used to create a list or template of items and quantities for future and repeat use. The list name is created first which provides a container to hold the items for storage. After the list name is created, the items can be associated with the list name and this makes the list ready for future use.